Where are you located?
At Venom Ink in Sanford, Maine!
How much is a piercing?
Pricing can vary depending on the jewelry used and piercing performed. Most piercing services start at $55 including standard jewelry. For more specific pricing please call or E-mail me using the contact page!
How old do you need to be for a piercing?
7+ Years old for; Ear lobes
12+ Years old for; Simple cartilage
14+ Years old for; Navel
16+ Years old for; Advanced cartilage, oral piercings (Lip/Tongue)
18+ Years old for; Dermal, nipple, genital (No Exceptions on 18+ piercings)

What documents do I need to bring to get a piercing?
18+; We need a government issued photo ID or driver's license.

Under 18; We require a parent or guardian to be present. Parent/Guardian needs to have a government issued photo ID or driver's license. Along with the minor's birth certificate and guardianship paperwork if necessary.
What jewelry do you use?
All jewelry used in the studio is made from implant grade material that has been verified by the American Society for Testing Materials. Usually Titanium, Stainless Steel, or Niobium.

How do I book an appointment?
To keep booking as simple as possible, I ask that you call the Shop at 207-206-1828! We have counter staff available from 11-5 every day except Sunday to answer phones and put you in my schedule.

If you are somehow unable to call during these hours, send me an Email!
Do you take walk-in appointments?
When time allows, yes, but those who booked ahead have priority. You're far better off calling ahead, especially on Fridays and Saturdays!
Can I bring in my own jewelry?
I cannot use anything from outside the studio in an initial piercing. If you already have jewelry you want to wear, I can help you swap to it after you've had a few months to heal.
Do you do Tattoos?

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